Multichannel Engagement

Castel Cloud delivers an exceptional multichannel customer experience with every engagement while reducing the cost of ownership for your call center operations.

  • Multiple communication touch points

  • Scalable, flexible architecture

  • Dynamic campaign management

Engage with Customers and Their Teams

Customize the Castel Cloud platform to include the communication modalities that your customers prefer.



Use full-featured blended outbound and inbound dialing and routing solutions for faster resolution.



Leverage powerful AI productivity tools to automate responses and routing through freeform and web form emails.


Social Media

Monitor social media interactions and quickly manage and respond to non-real-time customer inquiries.



Handle multiple Chats and SMS based interactions all at once with
a comprehensive messaging tool.


Virtual Assistant Chatbots

Reduce agent costs with self-service virtual assistance chatbots powered by AI to understand customer requests, intent, and tone.


Ticketing System

Convert customer inquiries into automatic tickets and organize them in a single space for easy internal collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Full Featured Blended Solution with Automated Dialing

Our blended predictive dialing and incoming call solutions ensure the right agent gets the right customer, every time for optimum customer satisfaction and compliance.

Automated Dialing

Skills-based Routing

Priority Queuing

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and Boost Agent Productivity

Maximize operational efficiency and enhance the quality of every customer interaction with Castel’s Automated Dialer.


Automated Dialing

Drive high campaign penetration with our patented predictive dialing algorithm or broadcast messaging to capture DTMF response or transfer to agents.


Campaign Strategies

Create, start, and end campaigns automatically without dialer or administrator intervention. Apply new strategies while the campaign is active.


Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local regulations for all outbound proactive TCPA dialing.


Application Integrations

Integrate customer call processing with your CRM with full access to all telephony functions.


Detailed Reporting

Leverage standard and custom reporting at the detailed and aggregate levels to discern performance and compliance.


Seamless Workload Distribution

Move agents quickly within campaigns and queues for seamless workload distribution.

Learn How Castel’s Contact Center Suite Can Enhance Your Customer Experience And Contact Center Performance.

Castel will illustrate how our custom success solutions provide:

  • Robust Automated, Predictive and TCPA dialing.

  • Increased contact rates and talk time.

  • CRM integration for CTI screen pops.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • Multichannel communication alternatives to maintain customer contact.

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