Digital Voice Recording

Document customer conversations, enhancing the post-call review process for your contact center.
  • Contextual association with keywords

  • Adaptive transcription capabilities

  • Easy uploads for team collaboration on post-call analysis

Yield Clear and Understandable Insights into Customer Interactions

Upload, transcribe, and explore digital voice recordings to improve performance and legal preparedness.

Call Analysis

Call Analysis

Automate the review of
customer conversations.

Targeted Search

Targeted Search

Locate keyword and phrases immediately.

Superior Training

Team Collaboration

Upload recordings easily for single-source post-call analysis and transcription.


Assess Your Call Center Performance

Recording offers tools for you to listen to agent calls to figure out your agents' ability levels and the quality of call handling. Castel’s CCaaS enables you to record all calls for quality assurance and business purposes.

Castel’s recording feature offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

  • Making call recordings accessible to managers through roles and permissions

  • Using call recordings to determine quality of operations

  • Tools to train, monitor and verify that agents are performing efficiently

  • Boosts agent productivity

Your high-volume outbound call center will operate better and more efficiently using Castel’s recording calls feature, because it will boost your agents' productivity.


Our Standard Recorder Features and Compatibility

Call history, search and playback
Quality control and coaching tools
Detailed call reports for recordings
Detailed quality control reports
Auto-backup and auto-archive
Access recording from anywhere via web browser
Bookmark, flag, notation of calls
On demand and pause recording for HIPAA and PCI compliance
Assign granular permissions
Supports Castel IP PBX and dialers for 100% call recording

Why Castel Call Recording:

Employee Coaching And Training

Enjoy built-in custom reports, live monitoring, search and playback, and more to use your call recorder as a powerful employee coaching and workforce management tool.

Improve Customer Experience

Monitor quality of customer service with call recording software. Live monitoring and granular search and playback allows you periodically review all customer and employee interactions. Timely detect and recognize any issues with customer experience.

Compliance With Regulations

Call recording aids in keeping business compliant under regulations such as: PCI, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank Act, Consumer Protection Act, and more. We offer multiple methods for muting or removing sensitive information from calls.

Incident Recreation & Investigation

Recording your calls means there is iron-clad proof of all communications to protect you in investigations and use previous scenarios as examples to train employees on best and worst practices.

Learn How Castel’s Contact Center Suite Can Enhance Your Customer Experience And Contact Center Performance.

Castel will illustrate how our custom success solutions provide:

  • Robust Automated, Predictive and TCPA dialing.

  • Increased contact rates and talk time.

  • CRM integration for CTI screen pops.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • Multichannel communication alternatives to maintain customer contact.

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