Castel Cloud Automated Dialing Solutions

Communications that Drive Performance and Efficiency

Castel’s cloud-based suite of dialing solutions help maximize performance and efficiency for contact centers- from small to enterprise.  All Castel Connects® and Maestro-TCPA solutions are scalable, flexible, and leverage Compliance Manager to mitigate the risk of legal violations.

Inbound/Outbound Voice with Call Blending

  • Castel Connects® features multiple modes of dialer operation that include,Predictive, Preview, Agent-Directed (manual), Agentless (Outbound IVR)

  • Castel Maestro - TCPA compliant dialer mitigates the risk of legal violations

  • Blended call solution which includes agent skills routing

  • All modes use compliance management to ensure protection

  • Highest level of flexibility to allow advanced campaign strategies

  • All modes are available on-demand so agents can select them based on contact strategies, risk-tolerance, and desired productivity level

Take Charge with Castel’s Award-winning and Industry-proven Automated Dialing Systems

Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialer

Intelligently predicts which agent is ready to answer the next call and dial more often with more Right Party Contacts (RPC). This is most useful for contact centers looking to improve sales agent contact rates or manage leads more effectively.

Agent-directed Dialing

Agent-directed Dialing

Simple click-to-dial functions expedite the manual dialing process for agents.

Preview Dialing

Preview Dialer

Combine skip-tracing research and call-selection so that call center agents can focus on developing a personal connection for each call. Most useful for high-touch, high-value interactions giving agents time to research and prepare.

Outbound IVR Dialing

Outbound IVR Dialing

Uses agentless Dialing with Instant Messaging Delivery (IMD) system. Provide proactive outbound reach with text-to-speech Full-compliant message capability with customer opt-in for agent assistance.

TCPA Safe Dialing

TCPA Safe Dialing

Safely call customers with cellular phones without connecting answering machines, disconnected, and busy numbers. Achieve auto-dialer efficiencies while placing a human agent “Clicker Agent” between your autodialing software and database and the contacted party. (Most useful for restricted cell phone accounts).

Blended-Inbound icon

Blended Inbound

Skills-based routing for inbound calls based on agent competency, prior contact history, or account ownership.

With our automated dialing system, your contact center can generate calls based on customizable criteria and timeframes, to help your team instantly connect with prospects and customers  as needed.

Real-time campaign controls and agile resource management, all while ensuring compliance management to meet ever-changing government standards.

Auto-dialing efficiencies and multiple dialing methods improve productivity allowing agents to focus on customers.

Advanced Campaign Management and Compliance Tools

Create campaign strategies to meet business and customer requirements,

  • Dynamically prioritize outreach based on priority score, importance, or revenue opportunities without logging off.

  • Use real-time control to quickly react and adapt to a changing business condition by creating the right mix of accounts and agents at the right time.

  • Centrally manage complex rules and regulations concerning Customer Interactions to handle both State and local variations in addition to restrictions from individual Clients.

Castel’s compliance engine ensures strict adherence to Federal, State, and Local laws to meet  client-specific requirements.

Learn How Castel’s Contact Center Suite Can Enhance Your Customer Experience And Contact Center Performance.

Castel will illustrate how our custom success solutions provide:

  • Robust Automated, Predictive and TCPA dialing.

  • Increased contact rates and talk time.

  • CRM integration for CTI screen pops.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • Multichannel communication alternatives to maintain customer contact.

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