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Castel Seamless Call Center Communication

Seamless Call Center Communications

Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based call center solutions are a fundamental shift from premises-based systems—for the better. The Castel Call Center as a Service subscription-based business model relies on innovative technology to deliver seamless call center communications so agents can quickly and efficiently focus on their customer interactions.

Castel Makes It Easy

With our cloud-based solution, your business has the advantage of a state-of-the art call center that is scalable and reliable without the installation, management, maintenance and capital hardware or software expenditures of an on-premises platform. You get a system that:

  • Accommodates multiple locations

  • Provides single points of system management

  • Fits your business continuity strategies

Castel Instant Ignition

Instant Ignition

Castel consolidates all your inbound and outbound workflow processes and Castel applications into a single portal—accessed with a single link so you can:

  • Monitor quality

  • Unify conversations

  • Measure productivity

  • Drive performance

  • Provide real-time compliance

  • Score calls

Why Choose Castel?

Most Affordable

Leading-edge functionality of larger, more expensive cloud-based call centers right-sized and right-priced for small businesses to enterprises.

Personalized Customer Service

Our suite of custom success solutions is designed specifically for your call center revenue, performance, and customer experience goals.


Our advanced speech analytics technology offers quality assurance and immediate intervention capabilities that proactively correct trends that might negatively impact the customer experience.


Our cloud-based platform is easy to use with an intuitive graphical interface that simplifies the day-to-day administrative tasks with minimal training. You get the power of an on-premise center with the convenience of single-link access.

In-Depth Solution

Our cloud-based call center solutions can improve agent productivity, provide real-time compliance, and increase revenues, and scale instantly to meet your business demands.

Feature Rich Applications

Sophisticated and powerful applications like speech recognition, predictive dialing, manual dialing, and digital voice recording deliver exceptional in real-time communications solutions.

Cloud-Based Features

Castel Cloud delivers an exceptional multichannel customer experience with every engagement while reducing the cost of ownership for your call center operations. With the Castel Cloud multichannel platform you get:

  • Communication touch points including predictive/TCPA dialing, IP PBX, email, SMS, chat, social media and speech analytics.
  • Flexible communication with customers on their preferred channels. Whether it’s through voice, email, SMS, or chat, Castel makes it easy to engage based on customer preference and prior communications history.
  • 360-degree compliance that makes your operation more efficient by adhering to regulations. You can:
    • Manage contact attempts
    • Retain consent and revocation
    • Monitor agent interactions using LIVE Speech Analytics
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Customize The Castel Cloud Platform To Include Communication Modalities That Your Business Requires.


Outbound and Inbound blended solutions include Predictive and TCPA compliant dialing, ACD and IVR skills routing.


Our powerful productivity tools leverage AI to automate responses and routing through free form and web form emails. Offers flexible workflow, quality management and reporting.

Social Media

Easily monitor Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and manage and respond to non-real-time customer inquiries.

Chat and SMS Messaging

Our comprehensive text and proactive Chat and SMS messaging tools allow agents to handle multiple chats at once, send pre-scripted canned messages, preview customer typing, chat via messaging channels—all from any device—web, desktop, or mobile. Built-in spell check reduces errors.

Virtual Assistant/Chatbot

Virtual Assistants, or Chatbots offer the first line of support so your agents can focus on more important tasks. These AI-powered assistants are emotionally aware and conversational, and understand the customer’s request, including intent and tone, and help them get the right answer from the backend transactional knowledge base. When needed, the virtual assistant can seamlessly escalate communications to agent-assisted channels.


Never miss another customer complaint. Our automated ticketing system converts customer inquiries into tickets, organizes them in a single place, assigns them to agents with next steps, and monitors the number of inbound/outbound emails, streamlining workflows and SLAs. Now all your team members can collaborate internally on the same ticket.


Castel’s award-winning IP PBX/FAX/IVR delivers powerful communications tools, mobility applications, and robust calling features.

Speech Analytics

Our automated speech analytics streamlines the QA/QM process by automating your contact center Quality Assurance/Quality Management process for increased cost savings, agent productivity and customer service.

Data Analytics

With Castel Analytics, you can measure, analyze, and understand your data through informative reports, charts, and dashboards with ease to drive your business intelligence.

Learn How Castel’s Contact Center Suite Can Enhance Your Customer Experience And Contact Center Performance.

Castel will illustrate how their custom success solutions provide:

  • Robust Automated, Predictive and TCPA dialing.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • CRM integration for CTI screen pops.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • Multichannel communication alternatives to maintain customer contact.

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