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Build better agent and customer experiences with a powerful, scalable contact center

Optimize customer engagements with Castel Cloud's contact center solutions to drive efficiency from anywhere at any time.

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Every customer interaction counts. Your agents need the right tools to create an exceptional customer experience. Our intuitive contact center can provide them.

Whether your call center is enterprise, medium, or small, Castel Cloud solutions are scalable and have everything you need to improve customer service, productivity, compliance, and revenues.

Make customer service your competitive advantage.

With reliable technology from Castel, your agents can be more productive and are able to exceed customer expectations. As industry regulations become restrictive and more complicated, Castel Cloud provides communication options to keep you and your customers connected and compliant.

Castel Seamless Call Center Communication

Cost-effective, scalable, and compliant leading-edge technology.

Castel Cloud eliminates up-front capital expenditures, hardware maintenance, and upgrades. Our pay-as-you-go pricing enables your company to add agent licenses as business dictates. Mitigate risks and maintain federal, state, and local contact regulations with Castel’s Live speech analytics and contact rules-based compliance engine.

Improve the customer experience with advanced Multichannel solutions

  • Campaign Managed Performance Dialing.
  • Live Compliance Monitoring / Automated QA.
  • Unified Reporting and Analytics. 
  • Digital Voice Recording (DVR) and for Retention and Backups.
  • Managed VoIP Services.
Improve the customer experience with advanced Multichannel solutions
Powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use

Powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use

Simplify day-to-day administrative tasks with a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface that requires minimal training.

Instant Integration

Equip your call center with a streamlined dashboard to improve and increase agent productivity. We consolidate all inbound and outbound workflow processes with Castel applications into a single portal accessed by a single link. Empower your administrators and supervisors to more easily and efficiently:

  • Monitor quality
  • Unify conversations
  • Measure productivity
  • Drive performance
  • Provide real-time compliance
  • Score calls

25 Years of Contact Center Innovation

Castel Communications provides critical contact center solutions for financial and collections institutions across the country, enabling agents to create more effective customer engagements with real-time and post-call analytics that enhance contact center compliance, operations, and revenue performance.

Our personalized service, advanced quality assurance, easy-to-use, and feature rich in-depth solutions increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. Relying on our innovative technology and industry expertise, Castel scales instantly to meet your business demands.


Learn How Castel’s Contact Center Suite Can Enhance Your Customer Experience And Contact Center Performance.

Castel will illustrate how their custom success solutions provide:

  • Robust Automated, Predictive and TCPA dialing.

  • Increased contact rates and talk time.

  • CRM integration for CTI screen pops.

  • Increased agent productivity with compliance.

  • Multichannel communication alternatives to maintain customer contact.

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