Castel Explore™ Transcription Speech Analytics

Upload, Transcribe and EXPLORE Call Audio Recordings Easily…

Looking to analyze your call center recordings? When it’s not necessary for your business to receive LIVE analysis, alerts and scoring during call conversations, Castel Explore™ Transcription Speech Analytics provides your business with post-call recording analysis easily.

Whether you are processing a few calls or large batches, Castel Explore™ Transcription Speech Analytics:

  • Easily scales to provide immediate value and ROI for small, mid-sized and large call centers.
  • Available as an on-premise or hosted application.
  • Allows your team to upload recordings easily for analysis and transcription.
  • Provides reporting regarding the progress of analysis projects, including how many hours of transcription have occurred, the status of current project, etc.
  • Features a free form search to find targeted words and phrases, for example: ‘repeatedly called’, ‘unacceptable’, or  ‘cancel account’.
  • Able to search upon word strings, for example: ‘filed bankruptcy, mortgage account, death’.
  • Categorizes results, helping to bring trends and root causes to light more quickly, for example: customer dissatisfaction,  customer confusion, etc.
  • Presents keywords and phrases searched upon in bold along side of  transcription, so that users may better assess the context associated with the conversation.
  • Displays audio playback and  associated metadata.

Castel Explore™ Transcription Speech Analytics is intuitive and does not require your business to retain a business intelligence analyst to help understand results. Upload, transcribe and EXPLORE your customer call interactions today!