Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing

Comply with TCPA regulations and federal, state and local calling restrictions for outbound calling to wireless devices while improving productivity…

Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing features:

  • Allows for prior written consent verification before calling.
  • Cannot store phone numbers.
  • Increases productivity, allowing calling agents to dial and servicing agents assist customers.
  • Track and control calling base on phone type.
  • Track and control attempts and connects across multiple accounts.
  • Ensures calling window meet time zone restrictions by zip or area code or most conservative method using both codes.
  • Adheres to call recording rules.
  • Architecture and Security

Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing software is independent of calling hardware.

  • Situated on completely separate servers, it removes the capacity to auto dial. Castel CallSelect™ cannot store numbers for dialing and hasn’t the ability to generate a list or dial random or sequential numbers.
  • Castel CallSelect™ software is not accessible to the client and can never be modified to become an ATDS by the customer.
  • Castel CallSelect’s™ implementation of a “two-man rule” requires both a customer and Castel to physically authorize Castel CallSelect’s™ environment. Without the activation of both parties, the environment is locked, eliminating the possibility of one party having access to the system to make any changes.

Product Highlights

  • Selective Time Zone Validation: Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing has the ability to observe call times using the customer address zip code or phone number area code as the base time zone indicator. The system can automatically review each option and select the most conservative method for contacting the customer.
  • Manual Dialing

To mitigate risk of a TCPA violation, Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing:

  • Requires all phone number to be dialed manually.
  • Architecture contains no “Dial File” to store numbers, no Campaigns or Lists that are associated with any calling activity.
  • Agents are required to physically type a number using a numeric keypad from their PC or in the Castel Call Manager™ client.
  • Regain Productivity with Versatile Agent Modes

Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing operates in a fully blended environment with intelligent inbound skills-based routing. Castel’s agent desktop, Castel Call Manager™, can operate in three modes allowing for maximum agent productivity and the highest level of customer care:

  • Calling Agent option allows manual calling, call validation and compliance. Once the agent places the call, the agent can directly interact with the customer, or select a button to place the call into an inbound queue to be answered by the next available servicing agent.
  • Service Agent option allows the agents to receive the queued calls, identifying inbound from outbound. Agents are notified of the connected call via screen pop and zip tone in their phone headset.
  • Universal Agent option allows manual calling and call validation and compliance. Agent will interact with customers directly, handling entire course of the call from start to finish.

Compliance Manager

Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing includes a business rules and compliance engine. Rules can be defined on a global level or to a specific area. The compliance manager allows for separate and unique calling rules by client, account, and phone, as well as phone type by state, city or zip code.
Calling rule types available within compliance manager include:

  • Track and control number of Attempts and Connects for a rolling period of time, i.e. daily-weekly-monthly call volume restrictions
  • Day of the week calling restrictions
  • Time of the day calling restrictions
  • Phone number dependencies, i.e. call home number first, then call mobile number, etc.
  • Compliance Inquiry

Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing includes a detail compliance inquiry and reporting feature. The feature reports on each call attempt and includes the reason if the call is rejected due to possible TCPA violations. The system also keeps track of the calling rule history. In the event the rule is changed by an administrator, there is a detail audit log associated with each call.

Agent Initiated Actions

All calling activities are direct results of agent initiated action and one-to-one calling. Castel CallSelect™ hasn’t the automated capacity for the system to place the called party on hold, drop a call or transfer a call without the agent initiating the action. Additionally, Castel CallSelect™ cannot leave outbound pre-recording messages.

Do Not Call

With Castel CallSelect™ Agent Manual Dialing you can seamlessly interface with any Do-Not-Call databases, including State, Federal, or company-specific. Whether generated by your business or acquired externally, Castel CallSelect™ has the capability to integrate with your systems, existing and new. Should your business choose to install a turnkey application to handle Do-Not-Call issues, Castel CallSelect™ will enhance the application and work together with that system and software to create a complete, compliant solution.

Highly customizable rule creation and call management processes helps your business to stay compliant with TCPA regulations, federal, state and local calling restrictions.  Ask us about a live demonstration today!