Castel Tracker™ Digital Voice Recording

A stand alone enterprise recording solution for 100% of your contact center calls…

Unlike other digital voice recording solutions that may only record dialer calls, Castel Tracker™ Digital Voice Recording is a STAND ALONE, enterprise recording solution for 100% of your contact center calls. Castel Tracker™ improves call quality, compliance, agent training and improves overall operational excellence.

  • Selective recording archive and purge
  • PCI DSS and recording encryption
  • Stores CRM metadata along with the call for indexing and advanced search

Built on an open architecture, hardened fault tolerant platform, Castel Tracker™ digital voice recording promotes superior reliability, availability and interoperability.

Its cost-effective operation and superior performance provides a range of features designed for business users:

  • Supports a wide range of platforms, including direct integrations to many of the leading analog, digital and VoIP PBXs.
  • Advanced search and playback tool allows simultaneous, synchronous playback of captured interactions, while advanced querying capabilities support a broad range of search criteria.
  • Playback calls from multi-site call center locations
  • Interfaces to storage options including SANs, NAS and redundant hard drives for archiving or increased fault-tolerance.

Need to redact sensitive data from your recordings? Talk to us about compliance standards required for data security and confidentiality.