Castel Detect™ LIVE Speech Analytics

Analyze LIVE Calls with high accuracy, alerts, reminders, scripting and call scoring…all while the call is occurring…

“In our ever-changing industry, Castel Detect™ helps facilitate our quality assurance strategies, improving our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of regulatory agencies and our clients.”

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“Castel Detect’s™ ability to provide business intelligence has not only enhanced patient experience, but increased revenue opportunity on every call. The solution has exceeded our expectations and continues to drive operational strategies for our business and that of our clients.”

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“Castel Detect™ has allowed the LTD team to get ahead of compliance issues and pinpoint exact times when calls begin to go poorly. They identify these instances at a much earlier time allowing them to train and guide their agents to better customer service practices.”

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“This application has enabled our agents to better identify escalating calls, equating to more quickly resolving issues, collecting payments more efficiently, reducing call time and building stronger agent/customer relationships.”

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Every call center wants to ensure the voice of the company is represented clearly to each and every customer on every single call. recently stated, “Almost everyone has to deal with customer service at some point. In fact, 88 percent of the people surveyed recently by the Consumer Reports National Research Center had done so in the past year—to question a bill, request a repair, return ill-fitting merchandise, and more. And many of them didn’t like the experience and had a problem with customer service…Fifty-seven percent were so steamed that they hung up the phone without a resolution.”

Identifying events important to your business is key to your company’s success. If your agents and management team had the ability to immediately take action to better handle a customer while the call was LIVE, wouldn’t you want to have that opportunity? Castel Detect™ LIVE Speech Analytics provides your agents and management teams with insight as to the health of every call while the call is still occurring. With the help of a small interactive icon set on agents’ screens, each agent has a direct feed of analysis regarding call content.

Content to be monitored may be specific phrases stated by either the agent or the customer, phrases having agitation associated, too much talk over in conversation or too much silence. Based upon the course of the conversation, your agents can receive reminders, alerts and scripting to best handle the next course of action for the customer and your business. Agents can also receive LIVE call scoring while the call is occurring.

Castel Detect™ LIVE Speech Analytics will provide your agents with the helpful alerts, scripts, scores and instant message feedback directly from management to make each customer contact a successful one for your customer and your business. Management teams have access to auditing tables, reporting and much more!  Independent of recording solutions, speech analysis is performed LIVE on the Agent and Customer channels. Castel Detect™ has interfaces with Avaya, CISCO, LiveVox, Noble Systems, and Ontario Systems.

When it is not necessary to receive speech analytics results instantaneously for your business to take immediate action, batch processed analysis of your call recordings provides insightful trend discovery and access to details. Your business can hone in on instances of customer dissatisfaction, compliance failure and verbatim disclosure. Highly accurate transcription and analysis provides your business with an evaluation performance scoring and easy-to-use search tool to find events and access to recordings containing words and phrases results. Ask us about call recording analysis today!