Castel Connects® Automated Dialing

A full featured blended contact center solution with an automated dialer, delivering performance, compliance and a highly personalized customer experience…

“With this dialing solution, which includes an integrated soft switch, we will be able to boost our business volume 60 percent without adding staff.”

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“That’s the reason we selected a Castel predictive dialer in 1999, it’s the reason we recently upgraded to Castel Connects®, and it underlies our conviction to stay with Castel long into the future.”

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“At our current 1.2 million contacts per month, that would translate into an enormous amount of wasted agent time. But with Castel Connects® we complete 1.2 million contacts because the dialer makes no errors.”

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Castel Connects® Automated Dialer skills based routing and priority queuing ensure the right-agent with the right-customer, every time, across the entire enterprise. Castel Connects® drives profits, be it account receivable, marketing, sales or customer service! Castel Connects’® Automated Dialer patented predictive algorithm maintains a low agent wait time, low abandon rate with high campaign penetration and intensity, all while staying compliant with calling regulations.

  • Automatic alignment of resources based on skill and customer attributes
  • Dynamic campaigns and list management allows for changing of calling strategies in real-time
  • Select a dialing method, predictive, preview, manual or proactive agentless, combine any or all within an active campaign.
  • Create common calling strategy and apply to a list of campaigns to be centrally managed
  • Business rules and policies for special time/phone type calling or calls backs
  • Switch between manual and predictive automatically when calling restrictions dictate
  • Direct call routing for agent owned accounts
  • Seamlessly move agents within campaigns and queues or allow the system to distribute workload via cross campaigns and dynamic queues.

Castel Connects® operates on a separate platform from Castel CallSelect™ Manual Dialing Solution. Contact us today to discuss opportunities in utilizing one or both platforms within your business!