Castel  November 2015 Newsletter

Castel November 2015 Newsletter

Agent Dialing


Senators Introduce Bill To Close New Robocall Debt-Collection Loophole

​Last week, the president signed an emergency budget bill that kept the government from shutting down, but which also quietly exempted federal agencies from an important consumer protection against automated debt-collection robocalls.​

Call Center Locations

Calling All Call Center Capitals of America, Where Are You Located?

​The answer to the question is dependent upon the population of the total labor force in the area....​

Speech Analytics

"This application has enabled our agents to better identify escalating calls, equating to more quickly resolving issues, collecting payments more efficiently, reducing call time and building stronger agent/customer relationships."

Here Come the Holidays!

Macy's Hiring Fewer Holiday Season Workers

The department store will hire slightly fewer holiday season workers but assign more of those people to supporting its e-commerce efforts.​

How to Help Your Kids Have a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Don't give up the fight for conversation.

In her latest book, author, technology critic, and clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle tears our preferred modes of communication a new one.